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About Us

Founded in 2020, Circular Group is a proud Kuwaiti-based company designed to deliver quality support and mentorship through modern business solutions. We offer unique and creative workspaces ranging from retail locations for startups needing the help of delivery, inventory management, and sales to outdoor event hosting for community events.


We believe in the power of collaboration and networking to lift up those initiatives and businesses that need an extra boost for success. That is why we have created a modern campus with amenities and features designed to elevate any working relationship.


With a wealth of business leadership and experience from our team to offer traditional knowledge of local and international commerce as well as state-of-the-art technology sure to explore opportunities, we are thrilled to open our doors to any and all future partners in the Kuwait SME industry.

"Innovated Solutions"

Our slogan clearly exemplifies the importance of the services we provide. In Circular we truly believe that ideas are valuable and timeless. When coming up with ideas for you, we like to think of them as innovative. 

-Circular Group

What We Provide

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Modern spaces available for renting or leasing to everyone from freelancers to business owners looking for a safe, supportive, and welcoming location to grow.


Event Spaces

A beautiful multipurpose event space with audio, water/electrical outlets, a catering station, and even a projector screen. This is a flexible outdoor area that can be used for various events.


Meeting Rooms

Fully equipped meeting rooms available for in house tenants and for external individuals who need a space to meet. Bookings can be done through our portal.


Circular Talks

We continue our commitment to the community by sharing knowledge on campus, at events, or online with insightful seminars, workshops, presentations, and discussion groups.

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Why We Do It

For us, it is simple. We provide SMEs in Kuwait with the innovative business solutions needed to grow and expand market reach. We understand the challenges of succeeding in today’s fast-paced business environment and want to provide solutions to overcome these barriers. This will improve our business relationships, grow our local economy, and help the surrounding community flourish with more opportunities.

How We Started

In 2017, we founded a bespoke organization known simply as Circular. This was primarily focused on advising and teaching younger entrepreneurs in Kuwait the fundamentals of business. We looked into our local community and saw gaps in the experience and understanding of highly motivated entrepreneurs and teams. While working with these impressive individuals, we realized that if they had a bit more support, they could do so much more.


That is when we decided to build the Circular Group you see today. Since 2020, we have dedicated ourselves to providing innovative business solutions to SMEs in Kuwait. We are proud of our modern campus, professional team, and numerous amenities available to those building something new.

Looking To The Future.

Our vision of tomorrow is more than offering space or training. It is to create a sustainable environment in our community that allows SMEs to flourish and grow. This means expanding the Circular Group’s means of operations to meet the unique needs of SMEs across all industries and niche sectors.


We are confident in our ability to grow our outreach because of the rapid response to our current operations. The reason we continue to develop strong working relationships with the community and local SMEs is because of our dedication to helping them grow. This authentic professionalism is not only gratifying to our team, but highly beneficial to our local economy and beyond.

Meet the Team

We blend the worlds of traditional business acumen with bespoke technologies and modern philosophies. Every team member offers a unique contribution, from legal advice to social media advertising. This inclusive environment allows us to respond to the many custom needs of our target clientele and grow our interests in Kuwait.

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